Mama’s Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession to make.  A dirty little secret.  I am addicted to eating some form of creamy frozen delight after my kiddos are in bed.  Every.  Single.  Night.

This is my only me time and I so look forward to it.  After a hard days work it is truly the best way to unwind.  This all started when my oldest was about one years old.  Usually after 8:30 p.m.  It’s a very tranquil time because the house is quiet except for the TV and I get to actually enjoy some type of food with no interruptions.  Ah, its magical.  Some people like a nice glass of wine.  Others may prefer popcorn.  Not me.  It must always, always be some form of ice cream in a big ol’ bowl.  Tonight the victim was Gelato.  Häagen-Dazs Sea Salt Caramel to be precise.  Can you believe such a small container yields 240 calories?!  Ouch.  But, it’s so heavenly.  Who cares?  Of course I had to mix it with some frozen yogurt because it simply wasn’t enough.  And, this frozen yogurt I’m talking about is the best store-bought yogurt I have found to date — Kemp’s Caramel Chocolate Brownie.  It’s my go-to weekly.

Now, I must admit this is the only time I don’t care about just how many calories I may consume in one sitting.  I mean after all, I barely get time to eat during the day and when I do — I usually have a baby on my hip or I am listening to my threenager complain about eating whatever is in front of her.

I heart you Gelato.  You made my day.  May we have many more.

ice cream