A picture is worth a thousand words. I snapped this because I thought it was so cute how happy my girls looked next to one another. After looking at it some more, I see such wisdom in my almost four-year-old’ s eyes. And in my little one, so trusting and happy. A picture like this would melt every mom’s heart. I am so blessed to be their mama. I know moments like these won’t last forever.  Of course there will be days when they love each other just like this, but I also know they will have days when they hate one another. I know they will bicker.  I know they will tattle tale.  I know there will be jealousy.

But, I also know they will tell each other secrets.  They will stick up for one another.  They will rely on one another for advice.  They will play together.  They will cry tears of happiness, sadness, and all emotions in between together.  They will talk about their monthly visitor and how bad it sucks being a girl.  And, they will love spending time together just for the mere fact they are sisters.

My hope is they will always have a deep love for one another.  After all, a sister is a life-long friend.