One Child Versus Two

After I had my first baby, there was no question that one day she would be a big sister (good Lord willing).  I knew I didn’t want her to be alone.  My husband, an only child, hated not having a sibling to share his childhood with.  The biggest question we had… when?  We always questioned how people survived having babies a year or two apart?  Our little girl was (and is) a very spirited child from birth.  She never slept through the night until she was 3-years-old; when she did finally sleep through the night she would wake between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. each day; and she always fought her naps.  We were drained a bit after she came along, and even though we had a nice little family we knew one more would make it complete.

This year, I had my second baby.  My girls are three years and five months apart.  Any longer and I would seriously have to question if we would ever give her a sibling.  Only because the farther apart in age, the less likely they will be able to relate to each other, play with each other, etc.  Now that we have two, we are realizing some serious things.  Things like time.  The little time we had before is pretty much nonexistent.  Sleep.  Our barely restored slumber that we just started to get back, may or may not be interrupted each night with a crying baby.  With no time or sleep to call my own, I got to thinking of the pros and cons of having one or more kids.  And how the heck parents have more than two is beyond me.

For any parents out there debating on whether or not to have another child, here’s my comparison (strictly a comparison of 1 vs 2) based on my experience.


1.)  1 child = daycare cost for one.  2 children = daycare cost doubles.

2.)  1 child = she wakes so early and wants me to play.  2 children = they wake so early and want me to function.

3.)  1 child = I get caught up on laundry eventually.  2 children = I give up.  There is always something to wash.

4.)  1 child = single stroller.  2 children = double stroller (duh!)

5.)  1 child = crying.  2 children = why do they cry at the same time?  Don’t they know I am going to lose my mind.


1.)  1 child = hugs and kisses.  2 children = double the hugs and kisses.

2.)  1 child = cuddles.  2 children = double the cuddles.

3.)  1 child = laughter.  2 children = double the laughter.

4.)  1 child = watching her grow.  2 children = watching them grow together.

5.)  1 child =  seeing the joy in her eyes.  2 children = seeing the joy in their eyes.

Every parent will agree the hardest years are the baby/toddler years, and again the teen years.    Yes, it is double the work.  But, also double the fun.  Having two versus one gives mom and dad each one.  Perfect balance.  In the end, there is no debate.  Children will take you on a rollercoaster in life; fearful thoughts, ups, downs, twists, turns, and a whole lotta excitement.