Target Is My Happy Place

I consider myself a Targetaholic.  I.  Am.  Obsessed.  With.  Target.

My husband usually scolds me before I leave the house for Target, “Only buy what we need” because he knows that Target holds a special place in my heart, and I never leave there without spending a hundred dollars. Target is one of those stores that just makes you smile and feel good when you walk in. It is a one-stop shop. If I need anything for the home – I go to Target. If my 4-year-old needs clothes – the Circo brand is inexpensive and always cute. If I need workout clothes – I go to Target.

If I need a break from the kids – I run to Target. It’s like my mini-vacation. I browse the aisles for clearance items and new ideas for the house. It takes me away from the crazy for a moment – it is my happy place.  I shop at Target probably once a week. I get giddy inside when I realize the baby is almost out of diapers, because it gives me a reason to go, and the LUVS brand is the best quality for the price. I usually have a coupon, and with the Cartwheel App I can save an extra 5% off.  Oh, and don’t forget about their infamous REDcard. Winning!

It is truly an inviting store. The lights are bright; the aisles organized. And organization is a big one for me. I am a bit scatterbrained when I shop, I think most moms are. Usually because I am on a time crunch and when stores are messy or just too big, I get a bit overwhelmed. Meijer’s is a good example of this, Walmart too. Plus, those lines at Walmart aren’t worth the few dollars you will save.

And of course there is always a Starbucks or Target cafeteria to stop at before you plunge neck-deep into spending money you don’t have for things you want and not necessarily need. The cleanliness of the store is refreshing. And the sales clerks always seem in a good mood.  I would be too if I worked there.  Target, with its infinite number of must-haves for the home, baby/kids, is like no other store. They have the best rugs and pillows for the home. They are good quality, decent price and always in style. My favorite brands at Target are Threshold and Nate Berkus. The Shabby Chic line is adorbs, too. Every year on Black Friday, yes, Target is the place to be. The day after Christmas? Target. The Christmas décor is 50% off after the holiday.

Entrance rug

Entrance rug

Kitchen rug

Kitchen rug


Great for toys!

I know there are other Targetaholics out there, right?  And if you’re not – go check out what your missing.  Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Target. To be an educated consumer, you need to shop around and know your prices. I find the best deals on diapers, home furnishings, clothing, and even food and the best part is you never have to wait in long lines to checkout. Target will put a smile on your face. Target is a great place for moms. Bullseye!