Remembering Your Childhood Creativity

Today I saw a picture I drew when I was just a month shy of turning 4-years-old. I was actually impressed with my mad drawing skills, because I am definitely not an artist. I do remember taking an art class in high school and liking it but I have never had the urge to draw.

My oldest daughter always asks me why I keep certain things such as pictures she has colored, or artwork from daycare in a drawer with her baby book, and I always remind her it’s for her memories. But also mine. Childhood goes so fast. I hope that one day when I look at it, or she looks at it, we can reminisce about her likes and dislikes at this age.  About what she was interested in.  I think we forget to be creative as we age.  We lose the time.  We lose the desire with all of life’s responsibilities.  We get caught up in the have-to’s and not the want-to’s of life.

I absolutely do not remember being 4-years-old, but one thing I find interesting with this picture is — it is a sunflower. At least that’s my take on it. I love sunflowers. They are my favorite. Always have been.  I guess even at a young age we are drawn to certain things.

My sweet sunflower

 I believe we all have a creative streak.  The more we use it, the happier our soul is, and we can recognize the kid in us we once were.