Cabin Fever With Young Children

I love gloomy spring days with temperatures in the 40’s – said no one EVER. And here I find myself in early April looking outside my window yearning to spend some time outdoors. Fresh air, the warm sun… all the things that make going outside worthwhile do not exist in Michigan in April. I am a Michigander born and raised, yet I have ALWAYS wanted to move somewhere warm.  Its days like this that drive you and your children berserk.  Not only am I suffering from cabin fever but so are my children (well at least the oldest, the little one doesn’t have a clue.)  “Can we go outside to play?” my 4-year-old asks.  “NO,” I say because we all have the sniffles, oh, and it’s 41° outside.  Of course not.

I would love for my child to be able to run outside and play, to give me some peace and quiet indoors and for her to exert some pent-up energy, but it seems that just isn’t going to happen anytime too soon.  We live in this super wishy-washy state.  One day you might need your winter coat and the next your spring jacket.  Lately, its been the winter coat.  The animals are confused.  Nature is confused.  My body is MAD.  It misses the sun.

Our gloomy yard

Our gloomy yard

Yesterday, my preschooler was going potty with her sippy cup (yes, we still give her a sippy cup because otherwise we’d have a chocolate stained carpet), but inside the cup was water.  She had asked for it while she was on “the throne” because when she has a hard time making doody we tell her to drink more water.  So, there she sat drinking her water, and of course she asks for privacy.  So, I shut the door.  I am then playing with her baby sister and a few minutes go by.  I call out to ask if she is OK, and she responds with a “yes.”  Another five minutes and I open the door to see what is taking so long.  She is standing there with the cup in one hand and toilet paper in the other.  “Are you all done?”  I ask.  “Yes, mama.”  So, I start to grab the cup from her hand and she says with a confused laugh, “I put my cup in the toilet.”  I realize I am holding a urine laden cup.  Thank God there was no poop.  “And I wiped it on the towel,” she says.  I take a deep breath and explain to her that 1) we don’t put objects in the toilet and 2) the hand towel is now contaminated.

I did thank her for telling me what she did because had she not, I wouldn’t have washed that cup right away or changed the hand towel so soon.  It’s in moments like this when I just want to tell her to go in the backyard and play.  It’s moments like this when I want to take the girls for a walk but can’t because I’d get hypothermia.  OK, that’s an exaggeration but I would definitely get wind chilled, as would they.  And so we sit in the house and she plays with the same toys, gets bored, then gets into trouble like the potty incident.  Yes, I could take them to a store or indoor playscape for kids, but that would require so much effort.  And all I friggin’ want is some fresh warm air.



  1. April 8, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    We are in Indiana and it’s snowing right now 🙁 My daughter is on spring break and we haven’t gotten to play outside at all this week. We agree with you… can’t wait for SUNSHINE!

    • April 15, 2016 / 10:07 pm

      I hear ya. The sun was shining today. Hallelujah!!