Daddy’s Got Ink

My husband is addicted to tattoos. He will not admit this, but I know the truth. When I started dating him, he had one tattoo, a cross, with the words, peace, love, and soul surrounding the cross.  Since that time – 17 years later – he now has 11 tattoos.  Yikes.  And that number continues to grow. His tattoos are always a thought-out process.  He has never just gone into a tattoo parlor and picked one out of a book.  They have all been of sound mind, deep thought, and some creativity.  And who knows, maybe even some Pinterest inspiration?

Girls' names on each arm

Girls’ names on each arm

But, I reckon he isn’t the only modern-day dad to walk around in society with a body of artwork. Tattoos are so commonplace.  When I was a kid, my grandfather had a tattoo because he was in the military. Back in the 70s/80s, tattoos were adorned by ex-military, men who rode motorcycles, and of course to finish the stereotype – men that were in jail.  Fast forward to present day, and voila – people from all walks of life are inked up. Yes, women too, have joined in on the body decor. I myself have one tattoo on my ankle.

To see how tattoos have changed in the last 30 years is amazing. I think most people have heard of Kat Von D. The famous tattoo artist that had her own reality show called L.A. Ink. More than likely Ms. Von D is a millionaire still living the good life in L.A. drawing on people every day for a living. It sounds juvenile, but hey, this is America baby. Inking society up is HUUUGE these days. People pay the $$$ to have a tattoo done by a famous artist. If only I could draw.

Tattoos are a form of expression. But, I find there is a great divide; those that like them and those that don’t. You’re either for them or you hate them. Tattoos allow you to express your creativity, to remind you of something, to remember someone, to honor something/someone, or simply to inspire.  And for many other reasons as well.

My 4-year-old likes to draw on her body with a marker and it irritates me because it takes a few baths for it to come off her skin. She has said, “I’m a tattoo artist.” And yes, she has been in the room when L.A. or Miami Ink has been on the TV.  So, it’s no wonder where she learns it from. And no, we will not let her get a tattoo until she is 18 years or older.  I was 30 when I got my tattoo. My husband was 21. But, I don’t see the harm in letting her watch a show that bestows creativity. Tattoo artists have probably one of the best gigs for those who like to draw. I feel that the people who dislike tattoos also think they are, ahem… dirty.  Gasp.  Now, I can imagine that back in the day, tattoo artists didn’t use the most sterilized equipment.  But, times have changed. Tattoos are far from dirty unless you get one in an unsterilized environment.

I don’t mind that my husband has a couple of grand in ink on his body.  No really, I don’t.  After all, he never really buys himself much.  I think of the money I spend on clothes, purses, and shoes and I know I got him beat.  If tattoos make him happy (which they do), I am all for it.  His idol is David Beckham.  And let’s face it — he is one sexy muthafucka dad!

St. Joseph

St. Joseph