Intuition And Other Motherly Magic

intuitionMothers are pretty amazing creatures. Not only do we give life, care for our young, and multi task like a son of a bitch, we are also blessed with a magical dose of intuition. That’s right. It’s not Hocus Pocus that shit actually exists. And I have learned over the years, the more I acknowledge this unique gift, the more prevalent it appears. And luckily, for mamas, it doesn’t end there. As a mom, we can also sniff out bullshit like a bloodhound. After we become mothers, we are like human bullshit detectors. Whether it’s in someone’s body language or their verbal cues. We’re hip to it. Probably because dissecting others’ actions is something we do on a daily basis with our kids.

How many times have you asked your kid, “Did you do that?” Only to be faced with a look of clear guilt, but oh, how they try to hide it. Their little minds don’t quite match their facial expressions though, do they? If I am in one room and my kids are in the other and I hear the 1-year-old start to cry, I race in there to say, “What happened, why is she crying?” The look on my 4-year-old’s face is priceless. It’s usually a half-smile with a half scared look. Pretty damn obvious, sweet child of mine. But she doesn’t see her face. I don’t think kids this young want to be devious (I hope not), I’m guessing it’s part of their developing minds. And to see how far they can push our buttons before mom and dad crack in half.

I know my kids pretty damn well and can tell if they are up to no good, are upset about something, or if my oldest has to pee and has held it for too long. My 4-year-old has some strong will in her. Ever since she has been potty trained she continuously holds her bladder. I can remember days when she would only pee like two or three times per day, and I would have heavy concern. I mean I must pee at least two times in an hour, is three times per day even human?! Then I remind myself she is 4. And so is her bladder.

And speaking of my 4-year-old, she isn’t one to lie. I honestly cannot remember a time when she didn’t eventually admit a wrong. And yes, it might take a few minutes for her to tell the truth, but she always does. Go ahead, give me a pat on the back. Just kidding. I think the reason she is so honest is because she has realized that mom and dad WILL find out in the end. I guess this illustrates some level of maturity, really. She will be 5 soon. I do hope she stays this way. And even if she doesn’t, I am not too worried. You see, as a mom, I can sniff out the bullshit. I have an innate knowing when something is off kilt. And I’m not just talking about when I am dealing with my little ones. I can sniff out the BS when I am around adults, too. And I am willing to bet mama, you have this magic, too.

A good example of magical motherly intuition is when your child is sick. Sometimes, fevers can be scary when they spike then go down, only to spike again without any other symptoms. My little one had been super clingy for days, didn’t want to eat much, and was just getting over a cold. After a week of getting rid of her cold, she still had a fever. I thought it was odd, as her body should’ve already fought the bug off at that point. But, there in red it showed 102°. I knew inside (my gut) something was telling me she wasn’t OK. After taking her to our Pediatrician, and running some tests – it was later confirmed she had a Urinary Tract Infection. The cold symptoms had masked other common UTI symptoms, but nevertheless, I knew something wasn’t right. Mother’s intuition never fails. The more you acknowledge it, the more prevalent it appears.

Psychics say we all have within us built-in intuition. Like when we get a creepy vibe from someone at the store, or if were driving and we tell ourselves to take a different route home, only to learn of a bad accident that we could’ve been part of, it’s all within us. And it’s there to keep us out of harm’s way. But, when we have children, this gut response does get stronger. Call it a bond with your child, a keen knowing, whatever you want to refer to it as. It’s there.

Whether our children are dealing with an emotional or physical stressor – we just know. We sometimes have to press a bit to get the response our body and minds are telling us, and that’s OK. I will always continue to study my kids’ body language. If we analyze them enough, we actually become masters at picking up on theirs and others’ cues and bullshit. Because we are all human and have the same tendencies.

And we all know the saying, “Don’t mess with mama.” Because a mama always knows.