This Is Why I Blog


As with any creative outlet, the competition is fierce. But, I am not competing. I have never been much of a competitive person, I’ve always believed if something is meant for you, it’ll work out in your favor – eventually.

Some people might look at blogging as a waste of time. Some might say there are too many bloggers. I personally do not care. I am a blogger and no one pays me to do it. I blog out of the simple joy of getting thoughts out of my head and onto a screen, that I can read to myself and later dissect. Because the first draft is never that great.

I blog because this is the one thing I have complete control over, well almost. WordPress controls the bulk of my “theme” since it is free. There are so many things in my life I have to do. There are so many things I’m not fond of doing, like waking at 5:30 a.m. because my toddler is ready to start her day. But, I have no choice in those matters. This blogging thing is the one area in my life I have some control.

I control what I say, what I share with my readers, how personal I get, and how I am feeling. Writing is such a freeing experience, and with it comes vulnerability and liberation. There are always critics. There is always someone who will disagree with what you have to say. And feedback of any sort is good, really. It’s similar to the saying, “any publicity is good publicity.” At least when someone criticizes you, you know they’ve read your story.

I blog because it releases feelings I might keep bottled up inside. Feelings I can verbalize with someone, but feel a greater release when I write about them. Blogging is my therapy. It makes me want to connect with other moms going through the same stressors I am. It makes me feel like I am part of a club, even if I’m not.

Blogging makes me happy. That’s the biggest reason I blog. It lifts me up. I get excited to share a story on the Internet in hopes that someone, somewhere might connect with it. Blogging is my personal space on the interwebs that allows me to just be me. As a mom, I find it very hard to carve out “me time.” We all know having some time in solitude or having time to do something we enjoy makes our soul happy.

I have found my happy. You are reading it.