Time to Recharge, Mama!

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world, and it’s not even a job. By definition, a job is something that you are remunerated for, and motherhood doesn’t come with material prizes. What it does come with is a very needy newborn baby that smells amazing. That coveted newborn baby turns your life upside down from day one. One moment you’re an independent woman doing exactly as you please with no one to be accountable for, and the next you are swimming in diapers and surviving on half an hour of sleep at a time. It’s the hardest thing any woman can do, and yet it’s the most rewarding, wonderful, amazing experience to go through. Coping with the changes to life, to your body, to your thinking and to your time is not always easy, and anyone who says it is, is kidding themselves. An experience so huge could never be an easy one; how could it be? Your entire life changes in a moment, and that’s bound to take some getting used to.

When you’re pregnant, you spend your time reading hungrily as much information as possible about being pregnant. When you approach the end game, you read as much as possible about labor and childbirth from all angles. When you give birth, you read as many books and articles as possible about raising a child and milestones. The problem with all this? Information overload! The books that you read, the articles you absorb and the blogs, social media posts, magazines and info graphics you take in all forget one thing: the baby hasn’t read them. This basically means that all the literature that you read means nothing, if your baby doesn’t do as they say. This information overload is not good for a hormonal new mother, as you can be made to feel bad about your choices. You can be made to feel guilty about the way you have chosen to raise your child. If you are a mom who is highly sensitive, this information overload can only cause more anxious thoughts to creep in, cause less sleep and more time to mull over how you could be doing it all wrong.

It’s time to take a step back, Mama. Take a step back, and recharge those batteries. You are raising babies, and those babies are not sleeping, are challenging and you can be often left feeling helpless with exhaustion. So, how can you learn to relax as a mother?

Stop Reading Everything

You need to put down those baby books and stop measuring your baby up to the expectations written within them. You don’t need all the information that the articles and books are giving you. What you need to do is know your baby and learn their routine and pattern. Shut down social media and get on the floor to play with your child.

Get Some Sleep!

Given the fact you’re a mother, this may seem like an alien concept. Rope in family and friends to help if you need to, and read about the best bedroom furniture from BestBedsBoutique.com here, so you can ensure your sleep space is perfect. The idea of snatching a decent block of sleep is a dream for most mothers, so whether you and your partner share the night shift or switch out for a decent length of sleep, you need to get something sorted. Give the baby to your partner or a trusted friend and get some shut eye in a comfy bed and a dark room.


Trying to find five minutes for a hot drink is hard enough, but where you can, you should try to squeeze in five minutes per day meditating. We often run on auto-pilot and this always means being on the go at all times. Taking pause, closing your eyes and just breathing for a moment to slow the world down is the way to get through the exhaustion. It isn’t easy to listen to crying children or listen to the relentless cry of ‘mommy’ all day. You’re human; you’re allowed to feel overwhelmed and overstretched. Take a moment and just collect yourself. Sometimes, it’s all it takes to relax.

Wake Early

Your sleep may have been interrupted, but if your children are in a pattern where they wake at 7 a.m. each day, then set your alarm for an early rise. Once you do that, you can spend a couple of hours getting yourself ready for the day, enjoying a warm drink and having a hot shower in total peace and quiet. The gift of silence is not one that is often available to mothers, so take advantage and gear yourself up for the day.

Ask For Help

The one thing that you can do for you to help you recharge and take pause? Asking for help. No one around you is going to think less of you for saying that you are struggling. Asking people in your life for a helping hand doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you helpless or unable to cope as a parent. It makes you brave. Asking for a little break to be able to snatch some sleep, a shower or a meal makes you brave, because you are taking a moment to try to recharge your batteries and you are recognizing when things become overwhelming. You don’t have to be scared to ask for help.

Self-care is not always easy, nor is it top priority when you’re a parent. The people you put before yourself are the same people snatching your sleep out from underneath you and making you feel like you can’t manage on the tiny bit of rest you get. You are absolutely killing it as a parent and you should never doubt your ability to take on the tasks before you, because you are a mother and you are the strongest link for your family. Take a moment to rest – you deserve it.


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