Creating a Tranquil Nursery for Your Newborn Baby

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As most pregnant women have experienced, the closer you get to your due date, your nesting instinct will kick in big time! You’ll find yourself hoarding food, buying furniture, basically wanting to perfect a cozy household during the final few weeks of your pregnancy. You’ll get a surge of energy to make your home perfect for baby! This is because your estradiol and prolactin hormones will interact to prepare you for your eminent new arrival. The euphoria of holding your new little bundle of joy cannot be put into words and is a uniquely personal experience. All of your other worries will fade away and your sole focus will be on becoming the best mom you can be. Before your darling arrives, you’ll want to create a safe sleep space for your precious angel.

Here are some good tips to create a perfect nursery for your newborn:

Go Neutral

While opting for a more muted palette may not be your usual style, for your little one the pastel hues and cream shades will aid their much-needed rest and relaxation time. Bolder colors won’t be conducive to a good night’s sleep. Make sure the room has plenty of natural light and put up a mirror to bounce the light across the room and show your little one his or her reflection to soothe them if they can’t settle. Soft lighting can create a gloriously calm ambience to the room, so no strobe or 100-watt bulbs are required.

The Crib

Where your little one sleeps is the most important aspect of the nursery. You want to purchase the best quality crib that your budget will allow. If you’re struggling a tad financially, you can always investigate loans for home owners to give a little boost to your nursery kitty. If you’d prefer not to venture into too much debt, check out thrift shops and online resale stores. Many top-quality cribs will be available for a reasonable price if you’re willing to buy second-hand.


While you might not want a super specific theme like Disney or one of the many Pixar films, you could opt for a generic concept. Perhaps you could explore the idea of an underwater theme, dinosaurs, animals or the forest. Having a theme not only creates a lovely child-friendly space but it can also help focus your design, so the decor doesn’t become too mismatched. Don’t worry too much about gender bias themes. The chances are as your child develops you will spot his or her likes and dislikes, and you can adapt the nursery or bedroom accordingly.


It’s important that you create a warm and cozy atmosphere within your child’s room. Opt for fabrics that are kind to your baby’s skin, can be nuzzled against for that extra level of comfort and are the sort of material that is machine washable. There will be untold accidents! Create a harmonious space full of textures for your little one to explore and make the nursery a sensory environment.

And it’s important to remember that for the first few months of you baby’s life, your baby will more than likely sleep in a bassinet alongside you. So, if you find that time has slipped away and your nursery isn’t ready by the time baby comes home… no worries. Your baby will always feel safe with mama nearby, regardless of the theme, color of the room, etc.

Designing your newborn’s nursery is not always an easy task for some. However, if you select a theme, opt for a more neutral palette and enjoy making a little tranquil haven for your bundle of joy, your little one will find comfort in his or her space.


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