The Three F’s for Domestic Bliss

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Being honest in a relationship seems like the most obvious thing in the world. But as transparent as you might think you are, there are always things that are often left unspoken when being with someone you love.

These unspoken things are never meant to be outright lies, where you don’t think you need to talk about it, like lying-by-omission, or that you believe you have similar ideas about the future. And while you may think they are harmless, dishonesty can hurt your relationship, no matter how long you may have been together. Being open with one another in these three areas will make for surefire domestic bliss.


Money is a sensitive subject for some people, and so it can be awkward to talk about it, particularly if one is suffering from debts or other charges that just won’t go away. Financial issues can have a disastrous effect on relationships and will be made no better if one of you is less than forthcoming with the truth about their bank account.

One of the best things about a relationship, though, is the fact you can work as a team to overcome these problems. Promoting honesty about your finances will allow you to work through them together and work towards fixing them through one of the best debt relief programs available to help you find a solution that suits you.


It is no use bottling up your emotions and not being honest about the way you feel. That is, if you are unhappy about something you should speak up. If you don’t, this just resorts to feelings of resentment over time, as without knowing either of you has a problem, the partner can do nothing to change, and vice versa.

Letting your grievances stew without communication can lead to petty fights over nothing, frustration, and all-around problems in the whole relationship. You want to be happy with each other, and if you aren’t satisfied, you need to open a dialogue with each other so you can work through any problems maturely. Doing this will cause you to become more open with one another over time and, in turn, strengthen your bond.


Sometimes this seems so obvious that most couples don’t generally talk about it. But if you are not honest about what you want from life, a miscommunication might occur where you both thought you wanted different things.

If you have one idea for your future and your partner has something different in mind, then this needs to be understood. Otherwise, when a significant change in your life happens, you will find your relationship at a crossroads. Being honest about your future and what you both want will allow for compromise, as well as understand each other better.

If you want your relationship to be as strong as it can and built on a foundation of trust, there needs to be constant communication about these essential things. Without this honesty, you could develop a disconnect and risk disappointment should you find each other not on the same page. Being transparent about your life and plans is vital to keep an open, honest relationship; the policy to remember is that communication is key.


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