What Really Makes a Home a Home?

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If you Google tips on how you can “make a house a home” you’ll be met by a load of renovation and remodeling blogs that have taken your keywords and used them as a “clever” title. If you’re looking for remodeling tips, then this is great. The same goes for anyone that is moving into a new house.

But what if you are a mama trying to navigate parenthood and just want to know exactly what it is that makes a house a home for your kids’ sake? What if you just want to know what “homeliness” actually means? After all, our home life plays a huge part in shaping who we are.

Well, to help you out a little, here is what real people had to say on the whole thing.

Memory Making

The most popular answer on the list is memories. In fact, 6 out of 10 people said it was the most important factor in making a house a home. And we get it. For those in the Baby Boomer generation especially, a home was almost for life and that means so many big memories were created; birthdays, births, holidays, kids flying the nest, everything.

Crazy Cozy

Another popular answer was coziness, which is a huge characteristic in a home. It’s one of the first things that people use to distinguish just how lived in a home is. For example, if you’re a student living on campus in a dorm, well, it’s likely going to be bare and cold. It just is. Now compare that to your parents’ home, where you can snuggle up on the sofa with maybe a fire crackling away – nothing beats it!


Nothing is more powerful at stirring memories than smells. We catch a whiff of something, somewhere and it can instantly transport us to a time and place. So, if you’re looking to make your home really homely, then try giving it a smell. If you want a shortcut to achieving this, then click here and snap up a gorgeous scent diffuser. If, however, you want to earn that homely smell, then get cooking. Meal times are a huge part of home life, which is why the home-cooked meal is one of the homiest scents out there.

No Better Bed

There is only one thing more amazing than going on vacay, and that is getting back to your own bed. It is that one thing we miss so much, and the reason for this is pretty simple: we spend a third of our lives sleeping. That’s a lot of time to get acquainted with your bed. It is also reason to invest in a truly comfortable bed; one that is absolutely perfect for you. That means knowing what matters in a mattress, how to pick the perfect pillow, and even what thread count sheets to help you get a sweet slumber.


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