The Decision Many New Moms Have to Make

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Having a baby is the beginning of a new life. Many women are happy to report that becoming a mother is what fulfils them as an individual. And yet, aside from the joys and excitement of parenting, there is a big question that some new mothers have to face, and it is: Do I go back to work or not? Indeed, with motherhood comes a plethora of new responsibilities, which can make it difficult to manage a professional career at the same time. Additionally, it would be foolish to ignore the truth, namely, that many mothers would want to spend more time with their baby than with their colleagues. And that is perfectly understandable. However, how do you decide on your professional future when you are overwhelmed by your mother duties? How do you best know what the right thing is for you and your family?

Can you be a mom and a businesswoman?

Not all countries are family friendly

If you work in the USA, you may not be guaranteed paid maternity leave, which means you may not get enough time to spend with your baby. If you take an extended leave, it might be unpaid, and you may not be guaranteed to have a job when you come back. It’s easy to see why having a baby can be the end of your professional career in the US. However, there are countries that are family friendly and that make it easier for mommies to enjoy time with their child before going back to work. Finland, for instance, offers a generous maternity leave for all women – including self-employed – as well as 8 weeks of paid paternity leave.

The bottom line is this… companies that protect your career during maternity leave make it easier for you to go back and progress in your career, even after baby.

Why not start your own business?

 If your company is not family friendly, you may want to look at other options that could guarantee an income while you look after your child. That’s precisely why a lot of mommies have embraced the challenges of entrepreneurship to provide the income and schedule they need. Be aware, though, creating your business is not an easy task. You’ll need to draw a business plan to define your activities and marketing strategy. Then you’ll need to look for funding, from or even crowdfunding platforms. And finally, you need to define a brand too!

Working with your kids is rewarding

A mommy’s day is a busy day

 If your family can survive on one income only, you should follow Jennifer Pinarski’s advice on There is no shame in becoming a stay-at-home mom, especially because your baby needs you. Contrary to the common belief, staying at home is not synonymous with being lazy. In fact, you’ll find that you have no time to get bored! You shouldn’t feel bad about choosing your family over your professional career – similarly, you shouldn’t feel bad about picking your career over staying at home; there is no right or wrong answer.

At the end of the day, you have to find balance. You have to find what works best for you and your family. Period.


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