The Importance of Supporting Your Kids

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As a parent, we are required to support, love and encourage our children. Our whole role is to raise them from babies to functioning adults with little to no bumps along the way, so that they can reach adulthood in one piece. It’s not a secret that when children are supported with involved parents, they are healthier, happier and far more secure than those who have no one by their side. Children with a strong family bond often excel at their educational and extra-curricular activities, uplifting the pride in their parents and making them feel confident in their abilities. The question is when parents should get involved in those extra-curricular activities and even their hobbies at home.

Of course, life gets busy and this can get in the way of a parent bonding with their child and having the chance to take an interest in what they do outside of school. It doesn’t make them bad parents, just busy ones and while a child who practices their hobbies alone is still happy and adjusted, there’s nothing like showing your child you love them than taking an interest in watching anime or playing outside. Before you get yourself involved in your child’s hobbies, you have to work out what it is that they are interested in. You may be interested in volunteering at the school bake sale, but your child’s passions may be in leadership with the Girl Scouts. Redirecting your voluntary contributions toward the areas that your child is actually interested in is how you can work closely with your child during their school career. They will know that you support the things that they are interested in, and overall you need to get involved – and stay involved – so that your child knows that you are there for them no matter what.

Supporting your kid’s passions means allowing them to find out what they are on their own, and then being there to support their journey with it. If your daughter falls in love with ballet, support her ambition and let her practice throughout her life. The same goes for if she is in love with football; research the local girls’ teams and get her involved in tournaments. A big part of supporting the hobbies of your child is gently pushing them to stick with it. Children are fickle beings and it’s easy for them to flit from activity to activity and not settle. As a parent, you have to help them focus on what they do, even if you compromise and ask them to stick to it for at least a semester.

Going the extra mile for your children is nothing short of what you should be doing as a parent. Encouraging them, motivating them, and inspiring them is all part of parenting. Being involved in the activities that your children want to do can help you deliver secure and happy adults into society, which is something we all want as parents.


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