DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself)

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We always hear the term DIY (do it yourself) thrown around. So, let’s talk about some DDIY (don’t do it yourself), shall we?!

If you’re renovating your home at the moment, there is a decent chance that you will want to cut back on spending without taking anything away from the results you achieve. That will often involve taking the DIY approach to some jobs and completing them without professional assistance. You can do that when you hang wallpaper, lay floors, and many other tasks. However, there are some things that you need to leave to the experts if you want to avoid catastrophes. With that in mind, this post highlights three of the jobs from which you should steer clear. Definitely don’t do it yourself!

Plumbing a new bathroom

Unless you have a background and lots of knowledge in plumbing, it’s sensible to call a licensed plumber otherwise your entire home could become covered in water with bottles of baby shampoo floating around. Just kidding. But, you get the point! Messing around with water is never a sensible move in a home where there are lots of electrical wires. Any mistakes from you could cause the house to flood or worse! And it’s not worth taking the risk. In some instances, you can undertake some of the work yourself before calling a plumber and have them deal with the pipes.

Repairing your heating and air conditioning systems

Your heating and air conditioning units are complicated gadgets that require maintenance at least every twelve months to ensure they work correctly. DIY HVAC repair is never going to end well, and so you should always get in touch with an expert. There are lots of companies that offer this service, and the job should only take a couple of hours depending on the condition of your systems.

Anything to do with electrical wiring

It stands to reason that you run the risk of electrocuting yourself and frying the entire house if you mess around with any electrical wiring. Sure, most people can handle plug sockets and things like that. However, you should never try to access the wiring in your walls or attic, and you shouldn’t attempt to add to it or take anything away. If you have issues with your electrics or you wish to install something new; you’ll have to call the professionals again. The last thing you want is for guests in your home to hurt themselves when they touch a door handle that has somehow has become live. Yikes!


So, there you have it. Three common DDIY jobs you might encounter at home that you should avoid and call a professional!


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