Meaningful Ways to Encourage Your Kids’ Creativity

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Parents love to see the joy in their kids when they access their creative side. There’s a reason we put our kids’ artwork up on the fridge, why we get the folding chairs out of the yard to watch them and their friends act out plays on the front lawn, and why our phones are crammed with video clips from their school plays and concerts. As a parent, we do our best to support our kids in everything they do. But, when it comes to their creative endeavors, parents walk a fine line. With so many options open to them, it’s not uncommon for kids to drop or switch their hobbies. It’s an important part of their personal growth. There are also, however, so many distractions that can leach into their free time and rob them of the desire to express themselves creatively. Creativity, however, is extremely important to your children’s cognitive, social, and personal development. That said, nobody wants to be a pushy parent, and we know the harder we push our kids in one direction the harder they’ll push back the other.

Fortunately, there are many fun ways in which parents can encourage kids’ creativity…

Create a sense of importance

It’s a tremendous boost to their confidence and sense of the worth when a parent greets their kids’ creative projects with a sense of importance. There are numerous ways in which you can do this. If you feel like going really upscale you can create a professional quality CD of their music with Nationwide Disc. Convert the living room into a gallery to exhibit their artwork or even into a theater in which they and their friends can act out shows. You can even print tickets and playbills to really elevate the occasion. Any of these is a great way to add a sense of importance and value to their talent.

Keep them inspired

Any creative mind needs inspiration. Even the greatest creatives can’t work in a vacuum and it’s important to give your child access to the music, books, and movies that will inspire them to create or even change the world. It’s truly wonderful seeing the spark of inspiration light up in a child’s eyes and even more wonderful to see them act upon their inspiration.

Give them freedom

There’s a fine line between encouraging and pushing too hard to force your child to be creative on your terms. This can actually inhibit creativity. You can’t force inspiration nor can you always manufacture the right conditions for it to strike. Give them the freedom to find inspiration on their own terms, and they’ll create in much more meaningful ways.

Roll up your sleeves and join the fun!

As a parent, you are a role model for your children and the base line by which they measure the behavior of all other adults. Thus, one of the most meaningful things you can do to inspire creativity is to roll up your sleeves and get creative yourself. There are plenty of artistic projects you and your kids can tackle together. Not only will it encourage your children’s creativity, it will also provide you with a great opportunity to bond.


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