I don’t know about you but I feel SO much lighter when my house is clean. The anxiety lifts, if only for a few minutes, because, kids. But, the satisfying feeling you get when you step back and admire your beautifully crisp and shining interior is second to none. You feel like inviting all of your friends and family round to revel in your newly cleansed abode… it is worth showing off after all.

Cleaning takes up so much time and energy you can’t face doing the mammoth task (the entire home) more than once a month. Spring cleaning can be done any time of the year, you know?! It’s not just a seasonal event.

Have you ever thought (and noticed) that your cleaning session isn’t quite as thorough as you imagined? There are a whole load of nooks and crannies that you’re probably missing, but fear not you will be able to catch them… When it comes to cleaning:

Think Inside The Box

You have dusted and wiped ever surface and table top in the whole house and you’re grinning with pride at your super shiny stuff. Everything might look crisp and clean on the outside but have you ventured into the dark depths of your boxes, drawers and cupboards? The insides of your storage solutions are susceptible to being neglected now and then, but really you should be thinking about giving them a good old tidy too. Clear out all of your cupboards and drawers and get organized. It’s no use having seemingly tidy furniture when the inside resembles a jumble sale. Dust can gather even if there is a lid on top so delve inside and clean those bits up too!

Time To Cool Off

 Your fridge and freezer are appliances that you use every single day. You choose to keep food in there in order to keep it fresh and tasty. But when was the last time you actually emptied it out and gave it a super scrub? Bits of food, crumbs and juices can easy leak onto the shelves of your fridge and freezer so take some time to give it a bit of elbow grease. Use natural cleaning products like lemon and vinegar so that you don’t cause chemically smells inside your refrigerator. It’s a hygienic thing to do, so keep on top of it as often as you can.

The Outside Needs Some TLC Too

The inside of your house may be positively glowing, but what about the exterior? Your garden may need a good old spruce up and your driveway may be dirty. Companies such as Absolute Detail offer pressure washing services to clean up your paving and patios in a flash. You’ll be surprised at how different your outside will look after a strong and professional clean. Consider hiring a gardener too to clear up your flower beds and hedges. You want to be able to show off every aspect of your home so don’t forget the fine details.

So, before you finish your next cleaning spree think about the little areas you may have forgotten and don’t give them a miss this time. Every corner of your home will thank you for giving it the care and attention it deserves.


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