I never quite knew it, but I have waited for Five.

Five is wondrous. Five is kind.

Five is funny, silly, and laughing most of the time.

Five takes my breath away at moments I least expect.

Five plays by herself now and fusses even less.

Five says “I love you” at the most random of times.

Five is adventurous and eager to learn. Few obstacles get in her way now as her confidence climbs.

Five kisses her sister, even when she isn’t kissed back.

Five helps mom, and does so without request.

Five gives me a break now as she is more aware.

Five likes to color, always in the lines, with unique combinations inspired by Monster High.

Five is independent.

Five corrects me when I am wrong, which happens more than I care to admit.

Five is observant, with a keen eye.

Five has more patience than four, three, or two.

I know she will grow and spread her wings… but for now, I am going to savor her.