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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. You bring life into this world and this gives a new sense of life for all involved in the process. But, pregnancy is only as beautiful as it can be and this ushering in of a new life can only go as smoothly as it can when everything is planned for as well as can be. Yes, pregnancy should be planned for in all the right ways, even if the pregnancy itself was not planned for in the first place. If you are a prospective parent then make sure to read on to find out how the perfect pregnancy planning can be achieved.

Start your planning before conception

If you and your partner are ready for a child, then you should start planning your pregnancy if you want all areas and aspects of it to go as well and as smoothly possible. What this means, first of all, is that you should book an appointment with an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OBYGN). By doing so, the doctor can determine right from the start what your chances of conceiving are, what difficulties you may face along the way should you fall pregnant, and what you should expect from your life as a pregnant woman. And, when all of this is known and clear to you before you even begin your venture, you will give yourself the best opportunity to do everything right and subsequently birthing a healthy baby.

Also, something else you should consider doing before you even become pregnant, preferably even a few months before you do so, is come off of any birth control pills you may be taking. You need to do this in order to create the perfect balance for fertility within you and ultimately give you the best chance of conceiving. This is a no-brainer, but still worthy of a mention.

Lifestyle changes

The moment you make a decision to get pregnant, you should cut down on the partying lifestyle that you may be used to. Once you become pregnant, of course, actions such as drinking and smoking can harm the baby. And, the sooner you change your lifestyle habits, the easier it will be to protect the growing baby inside of you. Besides, a slower paced lifestyle will lend you to get ready for when your bundle of joy arrives, because when that happens you won’t have any time, energy, or desire for partying at all.

Something else that you should do is limit yourself when it comes to caffeine. Yes, this might not seem like something that could be harmful, but your OB will definitely alert you to start watching your caffeine intake. And when she does, make sure you put the limit of caffeine near the top of your new list of don’ts.

Prepare yourself for having to sit still… a lot

When you become pregnant you will need to sit still often (especially near the end or if on bed rest) in order to protect your unborn baby. Too much movement will actually hurt you. I swear! Most of the time you are sitting, you’ll also get an extraordinary urge to pee. Unfortunately, this is just the way it is. So, try and get yourself prepared for this plight by going to the movies a lot (and maybe even drinking a lot of water when you do) in order to train yourself to sit still for hours on end. Haha.

So, there you have it, three things that you should be doing if planning your impending pregnancy perfectly is something that you wish to do. And, something else that you should be doing at this time is not letting the stress of starting a family overwhelm you, but that’s for another article