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Ask any parent, and they will tell you that one of their biggest nightmares is a sickness bug hitting their home. Most of the time, these bugs pass by adults fairly quickly but they can really hit kids hard. When your child is sick, they will need to take a few days off from school or daycare to ensure that they don’t pass the illness onto other children.

Looking after a sick child can be very stressful for any parent and all of this stress makes it ever so easy to make mistakes. Here are some that you should always try to avoid.

You Try to Make Them Eat Something Too Soon

One of the main symptoms of an upset stomach is vomiting. Your child’s stomach will be very sensitive in the very early stages of the sickness, so it’s a good idea not to make them eat anything that they don’t want to. Otherwise, you might have to get your best spin mop to clean up all the vomit! As long as they are drinking plenty of water, they should be fine for a day. After the first day of being sick, you should be able to give them plain foods to nibble on, such as dry toast and white rice.

You Give Your Kids Medication for Diarrhea

Your child might also suffer from diarrhea. Thankfully, this should only last a day or so. It’s really important that you don’t give your child any over-the-counter medication for diarrhea, though, as children should only ever take medication that a doctor has approved. A day of diarrhea shouldn’t be anything to worry about but if it goes on for much longer, you should take your child to see a doctor as they could easily become dehydrated.

You Forget to Sanitize

It’s necessary to increase your efforts with cleanliness and sanitation once someone in your household falls ill. You will need to sanitize everything and all the surfaces that they touch to make sure that no one else in your family gets sick. It’s important to always have a good-quality disinfectant spray on hand as well as some useful hand sanitizer during the cold and flu season.

You Wait Too Long to Call a Doctor

It’s really important you know the signs of when a basic cold is starting to develop into something more. If your child’s fever continues to spike, or a cough lingers longer than it should, you should then get your child to a doctor before this bug turns into something very severe. It really is important to listen to your gut and to take your child to the doctor if something seems of, so they can be examined and given any medication they may require.

It can be very scary when your child does fall ill but, as long as you are prepared and take action when necessary, your child should be back to full health in no time at all!