I felt at peace as I watched both of my children sit nestled in her lap. The look on her face, probably the same as mine, a complete look of contentment. She doesn’t have any children of her own and doesn’t know what it feels like to be a mother. I know she would make a good mother, and I wish she would let me have the title as Aunt, but I suppose it’s not in the cards. And I know she is OK with that.

I admire her every time we are together. Always put together, with her nails freshly polished, a new Michael Kors purse placed on her shoulder, and her eyebrows freshly waxed. A career focused person, she has always been. Whenever I see her, she is always in a hurry but I don’t know what for? I remind myself that is who she is… a person on the go.

Besides my husband, she is the first person I go to when I need advice. She is the logical, intellectual one. I am the creative, spiritual one. Together, as sisters, we balance one another out. I see so much of my oldest child in her. The will, the mood, the need to always be doing something. My sister has never been much of a hugger and neither is my oldest unless it’s on her terms.

I watch her sitting in the chair with my baby on one side and my 4-year-old on the other. I remember all the times we’ve spent together – as young children, as young adults, and now as full-grown women and how at this very moment in time, we are both experiencing the same joy. I feel the serenity within from the comfort I get when I see her interact with my girls. I see the happiness on her face as she embraces her nieces. I think to myself for a moment that I am the baby in my family and how did it become that I now have two babies?

She doesn’t quite understand all that is involved in motherhood. And I don’t expect her to. I will simply relish the moments my children get to spend with her. It is as though I get a flashback to a different time in my life. A time when I was playing with my sister in the backyard. A time when life stood still and the only responsibility was to play. A time like the one my children are in now.

“A sister is a forever friend.” – Unknown



A picture is worth a thousand words. I snapped this because I thought it was so cute how happy my girls looked next to one another. After looking at it some more, I see such wisdom in my almost four-year-old’ s eyes. And in my little one, so trusting and happy. A picture like this would melt every mom’s heart. I am so blessed to be their mama. I know moments like these won’t last forever.  Of course there will be days when they love each other just like this, but I also know they will have days when they hate one another. I know they will bicker.  I know they will tattle tale.  I know there will be jealousy.

But, I also know they will tell each other secrets.  They will stick up for one another.  They will rely on one another for advice.  They will play together.  They will cry tears of happiness, sadness, and all emotions in between together.  They will talk about their monthly visitor and how bad it sucks being a girl.  And, they will love spending time together just for the mere fact they are sisters.

My hope is they will always have a deep love for one another.  After all, a sister is a life-long friend.