Christmas is almost here. My girls are super excited to wear their pretty new Christmas dresses. I myself want to dress up a bit, but also want to be comfortable. It’s not often the whole family gets the chance to dress up for a special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding you’ve been invited to, a special party, event, or the holidays – it’s nice for the whole family to get glammed up together!

While you might have a closet full of occasion-ready outfits (or maybe you don’t?!), it may not be so easy to find something for your children. Because they are always growing! Here are some useful tips on how to dress the kids for special occasions.

Choose something that’s appropriate for their age

Choosing occasion outfits for your children isn’t as easy as just picking out a pretty dress. Kids like to run around, and if you know that your children are not the type to sit still, you should think about choosing items that allow them to move around easily. Shorter dresses are better for younger girls, while boys can enjoy a cute suit that lets them run around without tripping up.

Dress appropriately for the occasion

While dress codes aren’t as rigid for children, you should always aim to dress them to suit the occasion. If it’s something formal, you should aim to dress the children in more formal outfits, complete with ties or bow ties for the boys. You don’t want to turn up to a wedding with your kids looking like they’re on their way for a play date, so make sure you find out what the dress code is in plenty of time. If you want some great inspiration for boys, check out Prince George’s style – he’s slowly becoming as much of a fashion icon as his mother!

Choose high-quality outfits

Choosing clothes for special occasions can be costly, and even kids’ formal wear can be expensive. It’s worth investing in quality pieces that will last or can be handed down to get the most out of them. You can find some amazing designer outfits on this fashion site that will be sure to last. Buying clothes in a bigger size could let you take them in for now, and let them out as they grow to ensure maximum use.

Let them help to choose their own clothes

Shopping can be fun for the whole family, especially when you’re shopping for a special occasion together. If you’re looking for ways to have fun with the kids, why not let them help to choose their outfits? At the end of the day, it’s them who will be wearing them so letting them choose clothes they are happy to wear will make it much easier for you on the day and help avoid those getting ready tantrums. Make a day of it for a day out the whole family will enjoy. My oldest LOVES to shop. Can’t imagine where she got that from?! HA!

A special occasion is something to look forward to, and is something that will create wonderful memories for the whole family. Special occasion outfits are ideal for family photos, so make sure you take some of you all in your finery. Have fun getting the kids involved in your plans and enjoy getting them dressed up for special occasions – they don’t happen every day! And the holidays come but once per year!



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